Pistol Range

Our pistol range has been around for over 70+ years!!!  Currently offering 12 lanes with a distance out to 25 yards, we have some lanes with mobile target backers and many lanes with fixed backers at 12.5 yards out.  All lanes have pistol mats and rests along with benches and area to load magazines.  We perform a cease fire and target change every 30 minutes at the top and bottom of the hour.  All shooters will be asked to cease fire, the line cleared by Range Safety Officers and then shooters will be allowed to go downrange and change targets.  We offer a wide variety of target selection in the office and encourage shooters to bring their own if they prefer.  Pricing starts at .50 cents per target.

Rifle Range

Our rifle range is the original 100 yard rifle range existing long before the State Park was here…. Over the years we’ve been able to bring the range forward in technology and update much of the infrastructure to update safety along with allowing shooters in the local and surrounding areas to sight in before hunting season, practice and learn new skills, demo and try out long guns before purchasing and more!   We currently have 12 lanes stretching out to 100 yards with target backers fixed at 50 and 100 yards.   We do have the ability on any lane to allow shooters to move a mobile target backer at distances in-between, as some do like to zero modern sporting rifles and some hunting / target pistols at 25 yards.  (just ask a Range Safety Officer to bring you a target stand!)   As with the pistol range, the rifle range performs a cease fire and target change every 30 minutes at the top and bottom of the hour.  Range Safety Officers will call a cease fire, inspect and clear firearms and allow shooters to change targets.  We have a wide variety of targets available for sale in our office starting at .50 cents each!    Please ask a member of the staff or call the main office to learn more!

Shotgun Range – Trap Shooting

Our Shotgun Range offers a TON of options to all shooters of ALL levels!

Hand Trap Range

Your range fee for Rifle / Pistol range is also good for the Self-Throw Hand Trap Range (aka Pedestal Range)  this is a range where we have 10 spaces / pedestals in which shooters have a stand with a mechanical thrower, they can bring or purchase a box of clay birds and at their own leisure, throw one or two targets and shoot with their shotgun.   This range is always available rain or shine and there is no time limit as long as shooters are using the range.  There are also three speeds of launchers available for shooters- slow / medium / fast!

Auto Trap – or ATA Trap Range

We have four auto trap pads in which there are up to 5 shooters at a time.  Please watch our videos on what is Auto Trap – games can be purchased either as a single game of 25 clay targets or in packages of 10, 20 or 40 with pricing discounts.  Range Safety Officers are present and score the games for the shooters with weekly leagues held and monthly ATA shoots held on the last Sunday of every month!

5-Stand Sporting Clays

Our 5-Stand operates very similarly to Auto Trap- Games cost $1 more and instead of one thrower in front, there are 7 or more throwers positioned around the 5-Stand platform.  These throwers are tuned to higher speeds with a ‘rabbit’ that hops along the ground!   We even offer flurries where one to five shooters can have a ‘free-for-all’ type of shoot- this is where all throwers will launch clays at a specific interval allowing the rapid reload and emptying of magazines when playing.  Games of 5-Stand can be purchased as a single game or in packages of 10, 20, or 40 games.