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We cannot ship a gun direct to you, but we can ship to the local FFL dealer of your choice. Any legitimate gun store or gun dealer has an FFL Gun Dealers license and can assist with the transfer. In strict accordance with State & Federal laws all firearms must ship to a FFL dealer for the background check. Please make sure you have discussed the legality with your dealer before placing the order. When buying a firearm please fully review the other info listed in the payment & FFL sections before placing your order. Firearms orders are sent Signature Required to verify delivery, someone will need to be at the dealership to sign for the package. Any items that are returned because of lack of signature will be charged a restocking fee. We do not contact or arrange transfers with dealers, this is solely the customers responsibility. Please do not ask us to do this for you. It is the customers responsibility to verify that the item is legal in your state & that the dealer will handle your transfer BEFORE placing the order. You must be 18-21 years of age or older to purchase Firearms, Ammo or Receivers from our web site. Since age requirements can vary please make sure you comply with age restrictions in your state before ordering.

If you purchase a firearm and other items on the same order the entire order will ship to the FFL dealer, there are no split shipments.


Family Shooting Center / Cherry Creek Gun Store follows all state regulations regarding the sale of high capacity magazines. Due to multiple states and cities now enforcing various magazine restrictions and more coming we will not ship magazines that are restricted in your area with firearms to the states listed below. If the mag that comes with the firearm is not legal in your state or city the magazine will be removed from the shipment. We do not offer custom magazine requests to swap out, ship to another state, refund, pinning of mag, substitutions, dealer approval or other. Hopefully we will see changes to these laws and violations to our second amendment rights. We apologize for this but we simply cannot accommodate each and every magazine request with over 30 different laws, regulations and restrictions impacting states, cities and local jurisdictions throughout the country. It is the customers responsibility to be informed of your local laws prior to completing your purchase. Family Shooting Center / Cherry Creek Gun Store is not responsible for any issues that may arise with magazines shipped to you or your FFL dealer that may not be legal in your area due to a change in current laws.

Magazines Capacity Restrictions as follows:

California: No magazines over 10 rounds

Colorado: No shotgun magazines over 8 rounds. No other magazines over 15 rounds. Local jurisdiction laws may vary.

Connecticut: No magazines over 10 rounds

Delaware: No magazines over 17 rounds

District of Columbia: No magazines over 10 rounds

Hawaii: No magazines over 10 rounds that may fit a pistol


· No magazines over 15 rounds to Aurora, IL

· No magazines over 12 rounds to Chicago, IL

· No magazines over 16 rounds to Franklin Park, IL

· No magazines over 10 rounds to Oak Park, IL

· No magazines over 35 rounds to Riverdale, IL

Vermont: No magazines over 10 rounds

Maryland: No magazines over 10 rounds

Massachusetts: No magazines over 10 rounds

New Jersey: No magazines over 10 rounds

New York: No magazines over 10 rounds

Rhode Island: No magazines over 10 rounds

Washington: No magazines over 10 rounds

PLEASE NOTE: If you live in a magazine restricted state and the magazine that comes with the firearm would be illegal, we will remove the magazine from the order and ship the firearm to your FFL dealer without the magazine. We cannot ship magazines to an out of state address & we cannot alter or customize magazines at this time. There will be no substitutions or discounts for removal of magazines or any other custom magazine options offered. Please contact your elected political leaders to express any outrage and help get the laws repealed.


Any orders Cancelled before shipping will be subject to a $45.00 cancellation fee for an order with a firearm or ammo and 10% on an accessory order. Please include your order number, name and reason for the cancellation & in the Subject title mention Cancellation. We will do our best to accommodate your request but there is NO guarantee of this since we are shipping hundreds of orders per day from multiple warehouses and it may take up to 24 hours for a cancellation once emailed. If an order is shipped out and you still want to cancel you will be responsible for the return shipping and 20% restocking fees.

No special requests on orders unless approved via email prior to the order being placed.

Verify Legality with your FFL transfer dealer before placing the order. You must also verify that you meet the minimum age requirement to purchase a firearm in your state.

You may not purchase a firearm as a gift & have it shipped or transferred into somebody else’s name.

Please Note: We do not offer special requests to modify items or orders unless first approved by our office in writing. If you have a request please email our office before placing the order so we can review & respond. All special requests that are confirmed will receive an approval code to use for the order. Please post your request and the code in the Order Notes when placing the order. Any request placed on an order without the approval code will not be honored. Thank You