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Family Firearms Safety * ALL AGES * ALL LEVELS * ALL WELCOME!

  • Price includes guns, ammunition, and targets.
  • Family oriented.  Family Firearms Safety gives a look at the basic information needed to safely own and use a firearm.
  • Rifle Pistol Shotgun Knowledge & Gun Handling
  • Ammunition Basics
  • Firearms Care and Storage
  • Choosing a Firearm
  • 1 hour of range time with small bore rifles
  • All firearms and Ammunition will be provided- if you’d like to bring your own firearm please contact us prior to class
  • Pricing is based upon getting beginners to class! $60 per person
  • When signing up two people, price drops to $50 each
  • When signing up 3 or more- price is set at $40 per person!

*All class fees include class materials.
*Range time will be included in this class- please no open toe shoes loose collar shirts – any questions please contact the range.
**This course is also available for private parties- if you wish to have a private class, please contact the range for availability


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